Company Rental Application

    Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc.
    Southwest Great Dane Trailers
    3531 2nd Street SW
    Albuquerque, NM 87105
    (505) 877-1615
    (800) 876-1615
    (505) 873-3140 Fax
    Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. requires liability and collision insurance coverage on all vehicles rented. Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. must have a certificate listing TRSC, Inc. as an addidtional insured and loss payee, also must show damage coverage with a deductable no greater than $1000.00. Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. does not rent to third parties.

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    I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize the release of the information required to complete the credit process to Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. AKA Southwest Great Dane Trailers.

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