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Great Dane has announced that they have completely redesigned their entire product line to meet the evolving needs of its customers, including incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials, and features into its base models. Great Dane said their all-new Champion dry freight van has standard features that “boldly stand up to the challenges of everyday abuse and result in reduced maintenance costs, long service life, and a solid return on investment.” The Champion SE model offers heavy-duty productivity for fleets, the CL can be highly specified for a variety of hauling applications, and the CP boasts Great Dane’s proven composite panel technology.

A key improvement on all Champion models is Great Dane’s new standard dry van rear frame, EnduroGuard, which combines superior strength with corrosion resistance in order to withstand the elements and last a lifetime. The Champion models also boast extruded aluminum bottom rails that are securely fastened with aluminum rivets to I-beam cross members. Galvanized steel, anti-snag roof bows, offer durability and longevity. Standard composite swing-type rear doors with dual-seal gaskets have galvanized steel skins and a resilient polymer core, which eliminate corrosion associated with moisture absorption in plywood cores.

Everest Series Refrigerated Trailers Champion Series Dry Freight Trailers Freedom Series Platform Trailers
Everest Reefer TL

Everest Reefer TL

Built to Last

The Everest TL is the industry’s lightest weight reefer and offers exceptional durability and unmatched protection against impact damage and moisture intrusion, while its unparalleled foaming process yields a flat, smooth appearance.

Champion Dry Vans SE

Champion Dry Vans SE

Reliability & Value that Drive Business Forward

The Champion SE dry freight vans combine innovation and affordability for an unsurpassed return on investment. The SE offers value, long-term quality, and increased productivity and reduced maintenance.

Freedom Flatbeds SE

Freedom Flatbeds SE

Tough Enough for Heavy-Duty Hauling

The all-steel Freedom SE is an exemplary blend of quality workmanship and innovative design that goes the extra mile to deliver. Along with strength, durability, and versatility, the SE offers a variety of specification options and a competitive price.

Everest Reefer SS

Everest Reefer SS

A Menu Full of Options

The Everest SS reefer is renowned for its exceptional light weight, extreme structural integrity and consistently high resale value. With a long list of options, the SS can be further enhanced for a variety of specific operations.

Champion Dry Vans CL

Champion Dry Vans CL

Engineered for the Road Ahead

The Champion CL’s standard superior quality and heavy-duty productivity mark this trailer for excellence, but its versatility puts it in a class by itself as it can be customized to specifically fit the requirements of any number of operations.

Freedom Flatbeds LT

Freedom Flatbeds LT

Designed from the Road Up

The Freedom LT goes the distance with extreme structural integrity, yet exceptional light weight for a high performance solution strong enough for heavy-duty hauling needs. This trailer’s steel-aluminum combo offers a competitive weight and price with a long list of valuable options.

Everest REefer CL

Everest Reefer CL

Extreme Versatility

The Everest CL reefer provides the flexibility to configure as many three controlled temperature zones and an ambient section to accommodate a variety of hauls. With PunctureGuard lining as standard, the CL has increased protection from daily wear and tear as well as many other enhancements.

Champion Dry Vans CP

Champion Dry Vans CP

Making Maximum Payloads Possible

Designed for cubic capacity, cargo protection, and durability, the Champion CP composite van delivers strength from the inside out. With panels more puncture-resistant than comparable sheet-and-post trailers and a truly snag-free interior, the CP offers increased productivity.

Freedom Flatbeds XP

Freedom Flatbeds XP

Strength & Performance that Shine

Weighing in at 8,200 lbs. equipped with aluminum wheels, the Freedom XP is nearly 1,000 lbs. less than a comparable combination steel/aluminum trailer. The Freedom XP maximizes payload capacity being able to withstand 60,000-lb loads concentrated in 4 feet and up to 120,000 lbs. of uniform distributed loads.

Truck Bodies by Johnson
Johnson Refrigerated Truk Bodies

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies

For more than 80 years, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has designed and manufactured the industry’s most durable fiberglass composite, temperature-controlled truck bodies and specialty trailers. The Johnson truck body is legendary for providing maximum thermal efficiency and years of maintenance-free service.

Innovations by Great Dane
Thermoguard Logo

The ONLY Liner That Helps Maintain Thermal Efficiency

Great Dane’s patented reefer interior liner, ThermoGuard contains a revolutionary composite layer that seals the trailer’s insulation and significantly reduces “out gassing” effects that cause foam insulation to degrade over time.

Puncture Guard Logo

Extending the Life of Your Trailer

Designed to protect a trailer’s interior walls from everyday abuses, PunctureGuard scuffbands and wall liners are incredibly then, yet extremely puncture-resistant. PunctureGuard provides the extra protection that will extend the life of your trailer, load after load, year after year.

CorroGuard Protection Logo

Protection You Can’t Afford to Resist

Great Dane’s exclusive CorroGuard protection is a spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomer coasting applied on suspensions and support gear that creates an impact-resistant barrier against corrosion. This superior trailer undercoating shields the trailer underbody from a rock and stone impingement and chemical resistance to harsh de-icing chemicals and road hazards.

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