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We have been serving the Southwest since 1984. We rent and sell a wide variety of over-the-road trailers and on-site storage equipment at the right price. From commercial heavy hauling to small business cargo to personal recreation we have a trailer to fit your need. Call today for a quote!

We are in the business of providing storage solutions that fit your business or personal needs. Short term rentals or long term leases, we can help you with all your storage needs. From remodeling your home and storing your personal belongings on site to storing product for your retail business to tools and equipment for the construction job site - a container or trailer is the perfect solution. We sell both new and used trailers and containers. We have the right storage solution to fit your budget and your needs.


Any unit from Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. can be rented, leased or purchased.*

   (505) 877-1615 Office



  Our all steel ISO Shipping Containers that come in sizes of 8’ wide, 8’6” high by 10’, 20’, 40’ and 45’ lengths. Standard features include 1 1/8” thick marine grade hard wood laminated floors; heavy gauge welded steel sides and roof, double cargo doors, forklift pockets, and pressure vents.


8' widths by lengths of 10' - 20' - 40' - 45' - 48' - 53'

Our storage containers are what you're looking for in convenient security and we offer statewide delivery to your business or job site. Standard ISO Shipping Containers come in many different sizes and door configurations. The most common containers are 8’ wide, 8’6” high and come in 10’, 20’, 40’ and 45’ lengths.


  • All steel containers offer high security


  •  Easy ground level access


  •  Custom locking system


  •  Custom fabrication to your specifications



Whether you need to rent local or long haul, Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc has the equipment you need.  We rent, lease or sell your Over The Road Trucking needs.



  28'  -  40'  -  45'  -  48'  -  53' 

Semi Trailers are perfect to place at a building site or warehouse to protect materials and products. Storage Trailers add temporary or long term space to your location. Dock level and Non-dock level heights are available. They can also be used to move inventory from one location to another. We can deliver and re-spot it for you! Trailers offer many options: Swing or roll doors, air ride suspension, translucent roofs, side doors, refrigerated and ramps. Whether you haul 800 pounds or 80,000 pounds, Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc. provides trailers for all uses. Our fleet consists of over the road, storage use, as well as containers. All of our fleet is maintained to ensure you receive the highest quality equipment in the best possible condition.


 3531 Second Street, SW (1 ½ blocks North of Rio Bravo) 

   Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105 

(800) 876-1615 Outside of New Mexico


8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM


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    "We Sell the Best and Repair the Rest"


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